ContactAfter your Resume & Cover Letter Submission, we start with a scheduled phone call.
Getting toknow youInterviews & Technical Assesment
HiringReference check, Appointment & Proposal for the open position
Senior Frontend Developer Remote
As a frontend developer, you will be working within a stand alone SCRUM team. You will be expected to not only build awesome products, but also to fill the gap in between backend development.

There are multiple paths for a position in Pankod. Our process may differ according to the needs of the open position. However, most of the candidates would follow a similar recruitment process, described below.

Phone InterviewOur recruitment process starts with a short scheduled phone call. During this interview, we would like to see if you are a fit for the open position and Pankod culture. Also our recruiter would inform you regarding the full hiring process you are to go through.
Interview at PanCaveIf you have been selected by the initial screening, you will be invited to Pankod Office for a face to face interview with our recruiter and your to-be-collegues. During this interview, we would like to know more about what you have done in the past, your technical capabilities and your interpersonal skills.
Technical AssessmentSelected candidates from the interviews at PanCave are invited to fulfill a technical assessment, either as a take home project or to be a half-day event at PanCave. Our technical experts will grade your assessment based on a pre-defined scoring scheme and we definitely will let you know of your score and our reasoning.
Second InterviewIf you are given a take home project as your technical assessment, we will invite you to our second interview in order to discuss your deliverables, grade them with you and conduct a retrospective session with you.
Reference CheckAfter the final interview, often we will carry a reference check.
AppointmentHopefully, we will be more than happy to deliver you a proposal for our open position.

At Pankod, we always would like to see you succeed. If you would like to apply a job at Pankod, we would strongly suggest you to refresh your knowledge and sharpen your skills by having a look at the materials below.

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